Darkness Into Vineyard Light

On Saturday, September 29th members of the community will gather together at the Bend in the Road on State Beach, in Edgartown for the first annual Darkness into Vineyard Light Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk. The walk will begin before sunrise and continue until after daybreak. This is symbolic of coming out of the darkness of depression and mental illness, into the light of hope and healing.

Suicide rates have dramatically increased nation-wide and Martha’s Vineyard is not immune to experiencing loss of life, in this tragic manner.

Our mission is to raise awareness and bring to light an issue that is often considered taboo and rarely spoken of.  By publicly addressing suicide and suicidality, we hope that individuals who are struggling and loved ones of those who are in crisis will see that there is hope and support available.

Any funds raised through this event will go directly to our community here on Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Island Intervention Center is committed to outreach and urgent care service as well as community-level suicide prevention, education and post-intervention activities. The funds raised from this event will go to supporting and enhancing this program. 

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