Veterans Warrior Yoga at ICC

The Veterans group, run by Tom Bennett, Associate Executive Director/Senior Clinical Advisor at MVCS has implemented a Warrior Yoga class with a grant from Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank. Each weekly meeting of the vets’ group has begun with a yoga session led by Amanda Cohen, a therapist at the Island Counseling Center. So far the sessions have been very well received by the group. Read some of their testimonials below!

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Amanda Cohen leads veterans in weekly yoga exercises in a conference room on the Community Services campus.

“The group has saved my life. I believe I would have checked out if I hadn’t found the group.”

“The group is a place where other veterans know and understand me and I feel like I belong.”

“Yoga is a tool that enhances the group therapeutic process. Community Services should think about doing more to integrate these other disciplines into their treatment plans… more of a holistic approach.”

“After yoga I feel better and like I accomplished something good for my body and mind”.

“After we do yoga the group discussion seems to flow better and enhances it to a deeper level.”

“One of the best thing the vet program and Tom have done.  I was skeptical when yoga was first mentioned.  Now I hate to see the session’s end.  Physically, for an “old guy” it’s good to the creaky body moving better.  Mentally, it’s just plain relieving.”

“The Vet Program is an opportunity for vets to openly discuss their problems with others who have had similar experiences. For most of us, there is no where else to go and also be accepted for what we are.  For years, I’ve had major problems with depression.  Tom and the group keep me focused.  Just showing up at the meetings reminds me where I’ve been in the past and what I need to do to prevent a relapse.  I can’t say enough about Tom Bennett.  You can call him anytime.  He gets you to slow down; look at what’s happening; the whole picture.  Without the vet program I’d be back in the hospital.”

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